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How this school improved their reading rate!

We all know how important reading is for children, not only does it help with basic speech skills it also helps with better communication, concentration and gives the child a higher aptitude for learning. That's why this school, who already had a substantial reading rate, knew that it was possible to do more.Their current library space was not that inviting, with tall dark wooden shelving which was fixed so books were unevenly distributed and a computer table which was messy and not very attractive.

The entrance to the library was also full high of baskets and not really inspiring the children as they walked by. This was how it was transformed and it didn't cost that much to do but the results were amazing.

This was now the entrance to the library with shelving that could be reached by students and lots of forward facing display, which could show topics that were being taught that term.

The library now had a purpose built logging in and out desk and the shelving was adjustable and a variety of heights to add interest and lots of forward facing shelves for display. Most of the shelves could be swopped into other units if they wanted to.

The old units were taken out and the library walls were painted but everything else including the carpet remained unchanged. Everything was fixed back to the walls.

We used a combination of coloured shelves to add a splash of colour which matched the soft seating in the centre of the room.

WHAT NEXT....So if your interested we can help design and price your space and is absolutely free for a limited time. All you have to do is write down a few measurements and take a photo with your phone and email it to us at Don't worry if its a large space we will check measurements if you decide to order and can then show you samples. Hope to hear from you.

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